Thursday, November 8, 2007

THEM- Never Was A Pacifist DEMO

THEM is a crusty punk band from Connecticut, around where I live. THEM rocks. This is their first release, a good lil' demo of crust. There's no way to get this anywhere, since it's completely out of print, and they weren't exactly putting out a lot of these in the first place. No idea. I went to school with a few of the original members on here. None of them are in the band anymore, however. Oh well.

I remember someone telling me how drunk they were when they recorded this. Hearing it, you wouldn't guess, it's extremely well recorded for a demo of this nature. They're not as tight as they are on the later two releases, but who is on the first demo? Most aren't on the second, either. Or the third....

I love THEM, since they're also one of the only bands that don't completely suck. (I've said that on the previous local post, regarding Marx Revolution. I'll probably say that about most bands from my area that I post on here.) I saw their first show, I think it was at the Italian Club in Groton. They covered "Police Bastard" by Doom.


1. THEM!
2. Apocalypse Tribe
3. Tony Danza Extravaganza
4. Lice Bomb
5. Tides of War
6. Destroy
7. Social Stigma
8. Untitled


  1. Your blog rules. Come visit mine sometime.

  2. fucking sick ass album im in love with this band where can i get more?

  3. As far as I remember the recording was Sir Patrick and Kendra-Wooer of fine women, on guitar. Tilley Hawk and Alfonzo Zummo on vox, Justin Flip-n-Fuck on drums, and Spencer Tracy on Bass

  4. For those who like THEM! , we broke up awhile ago but Tilley is in a new band called zeitgeist and they're awesome and I'm in a new band called ANU. Check em out. Kendra

  5. That's a real shame. I was always blasting this album when I had some downtime during my last deployment. I haven't heard the album since, but I found my mp3 player as I was packing to move, and this was the first thing I listened to.