Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Third Death/[All Those Opposed]/Hulk-Out 3-Way

Well, this is a great one-sided 12" LP, three bands from Providence shredding it up. I don't know where the All those Opposed tracks went, so sorry....they were the weakest tracks of the lot, in my opinion. Third Death, as you know, RULES!! Hulk-Out, as you should know, RULES!!! All insane skate-thrash in the vain of The Poopy Butts, Scholastic Death, and any others that are for one reason or another just not coming to mind right now.

[Third Death]

1. If My Skateboard Had a Mouth it would Eat Pizza
2. Until the Death
3. Fuck Buddy
4. Late Night Sessions
5. Time With You
6. Skate Crew
7. Acid Drop
8. Dumpster Dive
9. People Change
10. Lights Stay On


13. The Rhode Island Smoking Ban Is An Epic Piece Of Legislation
14. The Sharks Are A Legitimate Association Of Likeminded Bicyclists
15. Chan's Brother Is A Fucking Cyborg And I Think That's Fucking Rad
16. The Lead Singers of Your Favorite Bands Are Probably Assholes
17. If You Lost 125lbs You'd Write A Song About It Too, Asshole
18. Every Day I Pray For Zombies/(Dry Poop), White Lightning

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  1. how can that shit not be commented ? absolutely off the hook !