Wednesday, June 4, 2008

xBrainiax - The Empire Blasts Back

One of those bands that you just have to like, even if you don't want to. No pic for this one, but you can make due. This is one of their demos, and if you need to learn any more, you can find it out by yourself. It was released on Not Very Nice Tapes.


1. Lenny Kravitz Is His Answer
2. Sinking Your Flag Ship
3. Pick Up Real Change
4. Idiot Box
5. Capitalists Have Nagasaki Wet Dreams
6. B-Beat
7. My Way
8. Revenge!
9. Young Republicans Fuck Off
10. Hacked To Chunks (No Comment Cover)


  1. Hi from Brazil. I have a request. Dont know if you're looking for it too but here it goes. The Giraffes - Prime Motivator. I'm looking for it all over the place and can't find it. There is a stream with some new songs here

    Thanks for the uploads of the others albuns.

  2. Actually, I never really heard of the album before...I guess I don't keep up with the band. I haven't found it yet, but I will keep up the search.