Sunday, April 20, 2008

Straight Edge Kegger REQUEST

Sorry about the pic...only one I could find. Anyway, here's some more Straight Edge Kegger, done on a request, and good thing too.

I love this band, mainly for not taking themselves too seriously. They keep up the chaotic pace of regular awesome bands, and add in an odd sense of humor with their meaningful lyrics. I recently heard that these guys did a split with Unholy Grave. I don't have a clue as to how that one got past me, but I'd like anyone to post a link if they have it. ANYONE! >.<

All that being said, this is a great EP. It's a bit more sloppy than the split LP with Mind of Asian, but whatever. Punk Rock. Some review of this was trying to diss it, saying it was hard to tell what speed it was supposed to be played at. 33 sounded too low for a female singer, and when played at 45 it sounded like smurfs. I thought that was fucking hilarious. If your band is impossible for people to decipher the sound, I think you've accomplished something massive.


1. Hardline Sucks
2. Blind
3. Ya-Yo Drip
4. Banging Retards
5. Lab Rats That Wear Lipstick
6. Attention Craving Lunatics With Ego Trips
7. If Punks Grew On Trees, You'd Be Ripe For The Picking
8. Every Other Note Is The Wrong Note


  1. The Armed Robbery EP was recorded after the first demo tape. It was sloppy as shit. The demo tape was fun because of all the kick ass sampling. I am really stoked on good sampling because now-a-days it's much more rare to hear a hardcore record with good sampling.