Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Clusterfuck/Ratbyte Split

The best Clusterfuck I have, so the best Clusterfuck offered. Intensely over the top 80s style hardcore punk, done the CT way. Short as fuck songs, and some great lyrics to boot. Ratbyte is back with 4 more songs of fucking awesome skatecore (track 1 is the first two songs). If you picked up any of the other Ratbyte stuff I posted, definitely pick this gem up. You can't get it anymore. What a shame. The only thing wrong with this split is that it's not long enough. I need more of Clusterfuck!



1. Nato Needs Shock Treatment
2. Idle And Immoral
3. Flagfucker
4. God Told Me To Buy Stocks
5. Shit Eating Grin
6. Mouthbreathers


7. Break Yourself/Get Lost
8. Wait
9. Search Warrant

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  1. Donn here...from Clusterfuck.

    Did you get the OOP Clusterfuck LP?

    lemme know