Sunday, April 27, 2008

BREAKfAST - Classic Six Packs

A great Japanese band (some surprise, right?). They play skate thrash with a Minutemen twist; one second will have total thrash destruction and the next will be a nice jazzy breakdown. Anyone that's heard of this band can tell you how great it is. This compiles their first demo and two out-of-print 7" EPs. They also have some other stuff out, like a 12" on 625. I'll try to get that sometime.


1. Jason Adams
2. Sk8 Void
3. BREAKfAST Eat Rice
4. Speed Freaks
5. American Wino
6. Rock, Rock
7. Jason Adams
8. True Do Me?
9. Day Dreamer
10. One Week #2
11. Spit Fire
12. Child's Heart
13. Happens In Easy TV
14. Raining Rage
15. One Grown Up's Mind
16. Speed Freaks
17. Kagami
18. BREAKfAST! Eat Rice

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