Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cruiser - Sunshine Woman

Good old Portland, OR. I can't beleive this band has only two people in it. This is some of the craziest two-man stuff I've ever heard, in that there isn't any loops being deployed at any time. One track, "Frampo," sounds like there are four or five different guitar parts going on at the same time, but still.. NO LOOPS!!! All finger-picked guitar work (unless I got even more wrong information), with some killer drums to boot. They had this posted for free on their bandcamp page (, I just separated the tracks and uploaded it to mediafire. I think I did it right; I think I might've gotten some of the song names wrong, since the scan of the track list was kind of difficult to make out. There are a few interludes in between a few songs, also. This was self-released in a run of 100 tapes. They're all gone now, so just enjoy their great music.


1. Bondo
2. Critter
3. Dude Stomps
4. A Pinnacle Statement
5. Untitled
6. Dames
7. Hexer
8. Untitled
9. Glass Heel
10. Physical Library
11. Untitled
12. Frampo
13. Golden Coldie
14. Untitled


  1. Woah, really awesome album! Thanks for posting this man!