Sunday, March 7, 2010


So, if you've never heard of're probably new to the site. I talk about these guys a lot. The last time was about their tour, and along with that, almost the same exact tour CD posted here, entitled Fruit Salad. Well, after said tour, they ran into some stupid snags involving their drummer, and, long story short, with all the drama unattached, this is their re-recorded EP, better quality than the last (A LOT BETTER QUALITY) and all done with a new drummer (formerly of the grind band Hayworth, out of Rhode Island). Every copy of the CD is hand-made in a one-of-a-kind fashion. As Joe, their bassist might say; it's baller. If you like, support; don't be a moosik mooch. Message them at their new myspace for more info.


1. The Jingle
2. Tuesday Night Turtles
3. Dino The Dino
4. Coco The Sea Lion
5. Crank That Cracker Jack Bingo

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  1. You can find the Lasse Marhaug/Japanese Torture Comedy Hour Split Cassette here.