Monday, March 31, 2008

V/A Icing On The Gravy

An amazing fucking cassette compilation. That's it. I really applaud the label for getting this shit together. Some of the bands here never did anything else except for the songs represented. It's a shame, really, since almost every single band on here is a great representation of whatever type of hardcore they play. There's a shitload, from powerviolence, to crust, to hardcore. Damn.

Every kid's dream is realized with this Cassette.

Sorry if the quality is bad on some songs, but all of these bands come from different backgrounds. There is absolutely no consistency with quality on this one, since everyone apparently used different recording equipment. Also to add to it, the entire project was on ice for about 5 years. But shit, please don't complain, because there is sooo much good shit on here: Palatka, Katastrofialue, Assholeparade, Kung-Fu Rick, Pretentious Assholes, Warsore, Godstomper, and the End of the Century Party. That's only all of the bands that I've heard of before. There's so much from other bands from all around the world, there's no reason to complain. It's great.


1. Stuck Here (SLD)
2. Mouth (Fat Day)
3. Bury You (Assholeparade)
4. Passin' Thru (Assholeparade)
5. There Are Times (Eurich)
6. Prototype (Mrtva Budoucnost)
7. Cant' Tell No One [Negative Approach Cover] (Mrtva Budoucnost)
8. Public Smoking Banishment (Kung-Fu Rick)
9. Android (Dead End)
10. Shit Breath Dog (President's Choice)
11. Hail To Nowhere (D.P.P.S)
12. When Freedom Dies (Autoritar)
13. Touch Of Death (Autoritar)
14. Think Of Theft (Vilently Ill)
15. Itsemurhaaarrgh (Katastrofialue)
16. Epatoivo (Katastrofialue)
17. Rock Star (Palatka)
18. Rave (Chapter 13)
19. Starz And Barz (Chapter 13)
20. Fuck The Christians (Pretentious Assholes)
21. The Joke's On You (Pretentious Assholes)
22. Bastard (Crooked Cops)
23. Ei Kuulu Mulle (Epajarjestys)
24. Lupaus (Epajarjestys)
25. Chronic Waste (Warsore)
26. Suicide Bomber (Warsore)
27. Nunca Cambies (Denak)
28. Basta! (Denak)
29. Taco Bell Is Closed Forever (Godstomper)
30. Spawn Of The Lord Balzac (Godstomper)
31. Lactose (Godstomper)
32. Circles Gather (The End Of The Century Party)
33. Swear The Barrel (The End Of The Century Party)


  1. I'm desperately looking for Sighting's "Through the Panama" and Lesbian's "Power Hör". Can you help me out? Tks!
    Great blog btw.

  2. Damn, killer comp, thanks for posting this one...never heard of this even coming out. Anyway, Great blog keep up the posts!