Sunday, March 30, 2008

Moral Hazard/Chupacabra Split

Yo, Andrew! Here ya go... A good split between one great band and a pretty decent band. Both are pretty much crust, and even as someone who doesn't really like crust, I really like this split.

"Wait," you say. "You don't like crust? Man, you just don't get it." And you're right. I don't see why bitching about the government with sub-par music and lyrics is considered awesome. If you do it in an original way, say, these two bands, then I'd be able to let it slide. Don't get me wrong, I just hate music that hates conformity and government and falls in line with every other band doing that same shtick.

Rant aside, Moral Hazard open up with only one song, and it's nearly 6 minutes long. Very doom in some aspects, and overall it's an okay track. I've heard better stuff, but it's still okay. Some of it is the production; some of it is the vinyl itself. There's a little crackle, but I took out most of it. When the song gets going, you can't really even notice it. The most original and odd thing about this song is the topic under discussion; fucking CHANNEL 1. If you have no idea what CHANNEL 1 is, then I'll fill you in. It's this little news program that the producers or whatever pay the schools to show their students. Mostly it's shown in Middle Schools. The thing is, most of the 15 minutes of the program is dedicated to commercialism. The rest of it, about 5 minutes, is shitty news.

You can actually read about it in the little booklet that came with the vinyl, which I have so generously offered here as well. It's a very D.I.Y. style magazine, something like 7x7, and it's fucking cool. It sort of acts like a split magazine, too. There's a Moral Hazard side where they rant about hating CHANNEL 1, and the Chupacabra side has a bunch of neat photos and artwork. It's a little odd; You have to flip it to read different sides. Sorry if it's really big; just use photoshop or some shit to format it. Moral Hazard REALLY hate CHANNEL 1.

Chupacabra put forth 2 songs of awesome. I dunno why I like this band, they're a little sloppy on the vocals (damn guy singer. Damn you.) but everything else is dead on. They have this real melodic metal style, and they sort of sound like THEM, what with the Female/Male vocals. They have one other EP that I've been able to find, and I'll post that later on. Here's the shits!


1. The Festering

2. Footsteps Of The Frail
3. Static

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