Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Third Death- S/T

Yeah, Bitches! I gots it! I finally got a Third Death record to add to my collection. I'm very fucking pleased with it, too. Some of the best skate-thrash that I've ever heard, and can't quite be comparable to anything else. These guys would've fit on the famous Possessed To Skate compilation (I think I heard that somewhere else, too, but hey. I don't care about it; it's true). This EP actually has three different covers, each done by a different artist. The one I have is the one by Ben from Armageddon Shop, and there's two more by Scott Langlais ( and Ryan Lesser ( Here's a pic:

Ten songs in Five minutes gives you an idea of what you're looking at here. Just get it, be happy with it. I'll try to get as much of their stuff as I can, but don't expect anything from me. This was hard enough to track down.


1. Confusion
2. Just Like Golf
3. Squash The Bug
4. Metal Cage
5. Say It, Do It
6. Garbage
7. Dance Off
8. Will Not Stop
9. D.E.D.
10. Third Death


  1. Damn nice find here, all I have is Thrash Out. Wish I could manage to find a copy to own. Thanks though.

  2. thanks jon. Ive got some of their songs, but the file names are all fucked up.

    get that zero dude to upload thrash out!


  3. Wow, this rocks whale titties, thanks!

  4. Yo, this is Derek from Third Death. I'm psyched that you are psyched! A new 3-way split just got released with another 10 tracks from us, and stuff from 2 other providence bands. You can get it right from the source at or if you want one of our marble grey copies, I can send it out (as soon as I get my hands on them). Also, I'll be glad to upload Thrash Out!!! for you sometime in the near future! Anyone who's interested, just email me at Thanks again for the support!

  5. I actually got that 3-way split a week or two ago at Armageddon Shop. Hahaha. It fucking rips!

    And thanks for being supportive, dude. I really appreciate it.

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