Sunday, March 2, 2008


The Knormalities Collection is one of the most awesome collections of powerful avante-garde music, ranging from Melt-Banana to Sleepytime Gorilla Museum to The Flying Luttenbachers. In other words, a good find.

I've had these on vinyl for a year or so, and I decided to rock
these like Amadeus. Volume 1 has a great seven tracks of fucking killer music to nod off to, with stuff from everyone you'll ever want to meet. I particularly like the song by The Molecules, titled "Blah." Good Stuff, good stuff.

Volume 2 has only three songs, the first being "Kirkpinar" by Alboth! A nice lengthy gloomy tune which reminds me of some of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum's slower stuff. There's a little crackle in this one, but deal with it. Next on Volume 2 is a song by Nels Cline, a bit of a noisy-as-TV-static song until a little after a minute into it. Track three is a hot track by Moe!Kestra! entitled "Godgloeiendeteringklootzak," formerly by The Ex. Say THAT ten times fast.

Volume 3 is probably my least favorite, just because the immortal Sleepytime Gorilla Museum only offers up a sub-par track, a cover of This Heat's "S.P.Q.R." Everything else on this volume isn't bad at all. The Ex's "Giant" is an awesome show of...stuff, even though the lyrics cut out during the recording. No biggie. The song itself is better as an instrumental, methinks. Cheer-Accident does a nice job of doing a fucking song about stars.



1. Vacuum Tree Head - Legend Of PB3 Timesware
2. The Flying Luttenbachers - The Shriek Continues
3. Mono Pause - Brief Lallation
4. Melt-Banana - Pluck!
5. Molecules - Blah
6. Moe! Staiano - Chased By Bats In Vats
7. Ruins - HardRock


1. Alboth! - Kirkpinar
2. Nels Cline - Food Dries On! [For Minka]
3. Moe!Kestra! - Godgloeiendeteringklootzak


1. The Ex - Giant
2. Voodoo Muzak - Ibanen Dako
3. Cheer-Accident - The Stars
4. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - S.P.Q.R.


  1. Been looking for this forever!! spqr actually, unable to find a good copy of it. EXCELLENT quality.... thank you so much... more than you'll ever know

  2. I let out an audible "awesome" when I heard this. Thanks.