Sunday, March 23, 2008

Corn On Macabre - Chapter I: Punk

This is a great example of Grind. Fucking fast, funny fucking lyrics, no fucking whiny emo-ass vocals...Great. Think bands like Combat Wounded Veteran, or The End Of The Century Party. Pretty much a cross between those two, actually.

This entire EP goes by in less than 6 minutes. Somewhere around 5 minutes, really. Perfect. This is a vinyl rip, and you fans of sorts will be happy to know, everything I've ripped as of recently has been very high quality, as opposed to older rips (the All Gone Dead/Bastardass split below is a prime example of how my earlier ones came out. Bleh. That one I ripped a while ago, when I first got my equipment. I'll be re-doing that one eventually).


1. Trojan Clown
2. When Will Man Learn?
3. I Watched Friday The 13th At My Grandmother's House-She Wasn't Into It, But She Let Me Watch It Anyway
4. Shut Up And Play Something Evil
5. Bad Lieutenant
6. Pterodactyl Shutdown

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