Wednesday, January 2, 2008

V/A Save You

An awesome compilation with only 4 bands participating, but what a fucking lineup; Soihadtoshoothim, C.R., Devoid of Faith, and The Judas Iscariot.

By far my favorite shit on here is the track from The Judas Iscariot, because I love 'em. I'm still looking for everything they've done as of yet. Soihadtoshoothim's track is something of an abstract grindcore song, as kind of a go-between their early grindcore stuff and their grindpop as of recently. The C.R. Track is really a lot better than I expected, actually. It's a perfect fit for this comp. The Devoid of Faith song is pretty generic. Not that good, at least among all of these really original and quirky bands. Whoo.

The album itself is basically a very basic concept; suicide. Basically all the songs have something to do with suicide or events leading up to suicide, and the booklet came chock full of facts and advice about "killing yourself or someone you may know" kinda shit like that. Very nice packaging, and a great release from the Mountain Collective.


1. Combination Lock (Soihadtoshoothim)
2. Father's Little Failure (C.R.)
3. Inherent (Devoid Of Faith)
4. Young Werther and Sisyphus (The Judas Iscariot)

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