Wednesday, January 23, 2008

V/A - Violent Noise Party

This is one wicked compilation. Filled with some of the best grind, punk, and crust of the modern age, this'll be a good investment for anyone. Or you can get it for free here.

There's some Rainbow of Death, and while the songs also appear on the 10" record posted earlier, they're different recordings. Netjajev SS is this old-school punk band with really weird song subject matter. I know they're jokes, but they're weird. And one is a Ramones cover. A fucking awesome song by Yacöpsae, and although it's short as fucking hell, it's the best song on here in my opinion.

In Disgust, with members of Outraged and Uzi Suicide play on here too. Not bad. Nashgul is this straight up grindy-thrash band that blended their three songs together, and annoyed the fuck out of me when I was ripping them. So now the three songs are in one mp3. Insect Warfare plays one song, and it's crushing. It's also a Celtic Frost cover. It sounds a lot like Nashgul to me, though.

Overall one great fucking complation.


1. VÄÄRINKÄSITYS - Musta Pilvi
2. Aghast - Waste
3. Rainbow of Death - Turbonecronomicon
4. Rainbow of Death - Deathrock N' Rollerskates
5. Netjajev SS - Mermaid Cunt
6. Netjajev SS - I Don't Wanna Be Learned (Ramones)
7. Kuolema - Tony Halme On Natsi
8. Low Fat - Moping your Shadow Off
9. Parasytic - Sudden End
10. Yacöpsae - Rock Star
11. In Disgust - Old Friend
12. Nashgul - Ya Es Suficiente/Marca Negra, Marca Fecal/Leeches
13. Insect Warfare - Into The Crypt of Rays (Celtic Frost)
14. Matka Teresa - Dirty Hands
15. Matka Teresa - Resemblance

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