Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mind of Asian/Straight Edge Kegger Split

More Mind of Asian for all you folks. Some fucking energetic thrashy powerviolence from this all female Asian band, yo. I really dig the energy that these chicks deliver. They kick ass. Keep looking in the archives for some more. Or do a search. Whatever. They have some sick tracks here, one of the better being "Aoishima" which starts off with an awesome Japanese guitar-like instrument...Listen to it, and let me know what those are called. "I Love XXX" is a really good track too. A great start to this awesome split, with some ferocious intensity to it. "Ne No Nai Yoru" starts off with a Digeredoo. Fancy.

Straight Edge Kegger deliver eight more songs of female-fronted hardcore. With some pretty clever lyrics, too. Just hit up this album for the lyrics sheet. I don't feel like posting the lyrics right now. To be honest, I never listened to Straight Edge Kegger before this, and I have to say that I'm impressed. It reminds me of a more punk sounding Magrudergrind with a female singer. That's a REAL nice picture. Anyway, download it.



1. I Love XXX
2. Dreams <-> Realities
3. Aoishima
4. Satisfaction!!!!!
5. Sakura
6. Ne No Nai Yoru
7. [Japanese Title]
8. Seifuneigetsu


9. Advice
10. Potheads Anonymous
11. #1 Hit Hip Hop Bullshit
12. Government Mandate Dance Party (Un-Safety Dance)
13. Sleeping Pills
14. Zero x Infinity
15. Hurry Up And Wait
16. Arnie Speaks

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