Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ahleuchatistas - On The Culture Industry

Crazy progressive rock/post-jazz and all that sub-genre bullshit. Think a more organized instrumental Captain Beefheart. This be their first full length, I posted their amazing opus What You Will awhile back, on the (I guess now Defunct) Blog I helped post on with Gumo Ga, among others. If you like sometimes really melodic, really strange always super weird instrumental rock, get this in your brain. "The Machines Become Cognizant" is an amazing song. This is easily the most accesible album they have. It's a lot more catchy than the rest of their albums.


1. Intro
2. The Machines Become Cognizant
3. Lacerate
4. A Thought Like A Hammer
5. Al Jazeera
6. I Don't Remember Falling Asleep Here
7. Right Sock Brown, Red Leg Blue
8. Fodder For Defamation
9. (Ibid. 4)
10. Tentacle
11. Empatheivery
12. Lament for Bhopal


  1. hey could you put up rosenbombs green demo? i can't seem to find that shit anywhere. thanks big time man

  2. Sir, I would like to request for the album "BRAINRAPED by Australian hardcore band PRISON*****. Thanks.

  3. Woah, dude. I haven't talked to you in like, ever.