Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Failures 7"

Another testament to hardcore. I guess. If you liked the LP, then this is pretty much required listening. Only 4 songs on this, and unfortunately, I don't have a hard copy of this...just the mp3s. I can't really find it anywhere, although there was a copy of it on ebay. I guess that's good enough...

By the way, I can't beleive I missed it, but Aerosols DID have a new LP out. I wish I looked harder. Just found a couple of copies on ebay, also. It was a 14 song LP with a fourth 7" EP included. And just like my luck, it sold out on the day it came out. It's supposed to be getting a repress, so keep tabs on it!


1. I'm Busy
2. Available:
3. Rearing
4. Dovetail



  1. Hi!
    the link work but I can't open the file, what's wrong?? I love this band and the singer's voice

  2. you should be able to open the file with either 7-zip or winrar. there's a free downloadable winrar online, just google it. It says its a trial, but honestly i've kept one for ages and the only real problem is an annoying popup saying to register for the full version every time you open it up.