Monday, January 18, 2010

Rosenbombs - Green Demo REQUEST

No artwork, as far as I know there never was. Suck it dry. Rosenbombs play fucking awesome ferocious hardcore. On this 17 song demo, they rip harder than anywhere else. They added a second vocalist, total she-ripping all over the place, to add to the already ripping thrash attack. Did I mention that these guy fucking RIP??!? Total knockout skate-thrash-angst-fuck you hardcore. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure they aren't around anymore, all the more reason to get this shit in your head though, right? RIGHT??? I completely forgot about this band until I got that magnificent request. Shame on me, forgetting this unforgettable hardcore band.... Super thanks for good ol' Pabst Benedict from the mega awesome blog Am I Mean? for getting this to me ages ago. Well, about a year ago. Yeah, I fucking remembered!!


1. Pro Gay Marriage
2. End of my Rope
3. Prosperity And Stock Options
4. Things Worsen
5. The Majority Must Be Right
6. Just Because You Have A Dick Doesn't Mean You Need To Be One
7. Yet Another Disappointment
8. Love Hate Relationship
9. Like A Ritual
10. Everything Has Turned To Shit
11. Dispierta
12. Pick Your Poison
13. Benevolent Enslavement
14. Fucked Up System
15. Coke Song
16. Rosenbombs Youth Crew '04
17. 925 Malicious Assault


  1. ha, thanks for the namedropping!

    unfortunately you were right when you wrote that you'd be sure that they aren't around anymore. a fucking shame as they were among the best bands of that genre! everything they did kicks seriously ass!

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