Sunday, December 14, 2008

Haymaker Demo

200th post! Whoo! This is the grand Haymaker demo. Don't really know where I got this, but I know a few people who are looking for it, so here you go. Pretty good for a shitty little tape. I guess these guys are supposed to be really fucking good live, is what I hear.


1. Wreck Shit
2. Spittin' Blood
3. Fencesitter
4. Seen This One Coming
5. Let God Sort 'Em Out
6. Could You Be So Stupid
7. They Breed So Fast [Human Filth]
8. Misery for A Living
9. Commodity 182
10. Ounce of Sympathy
11. Reagan Youth
12. Politicians For Fertilizer


  1. Hello, Do you have anything by 'Nice View"? If so please post it.

  2. Fucking amazing stuff. Never had heard this before. Thanks for the post.If you had the lyrics, would it be possible to scan it ? Thanks again, Cheers from Brazil.

  3. Haymaker were from Hamilton, Ontario which is close to where I live. The most violent, action packed, insane live shows you'd ever want to see. Check out the self titled full length on Deranged I think. Pure mayhem.