Thursday, July 10, 2008

The End of the Century Party - Discography

The End Of The Century Party was (is) one of the best emotional hardcore/powerviolence bands. In some ways, they are like Palatka, only a bit less chaotic. With great subject matter, not to mention some of the smartest lyrics ever, (bonus in my book!) these guys existed from 1993 to 1999, doing 2 7"s, various compilation appearances, a split 7" with Palatka, and a 12 song LP. Easily one of my favorites, and it's only a shame that these guys were labeled "emo-core." What a stupid, stupid name.

"Swear the Barrel" and "Circles Gather" remain some of my all-time favorite songs.


1. Isn't It Perfectly Fucking Delightful To Be So Goddamn Certain
2. Crash Course In Fatherhood
3. Ask My Exorcist or School Psychiatrist
4. Become A Part, Come Apart
5. The Only Reason You're A Vampire Is Because Werewolves and Frankenstein Don't Get Laid
6. Swear the Barrel
7. Devolution Defined
8. With Breakfast In The Morning
9. People Ain't No Damn Good And Shit
10. Everything Stops
11. 102
12. Always On The Outskirts, Enthusiastically Missing The Point
13. Circles Gather
14. With No Regard
15. They Built this City Out Of Radish Dust
16. Knocked Into Place
17. Clean Shot
18. Filed
19. I'm Your Pusher
20. So Long
21. Hope Me Blind
22. Childhood Hopes (Of Self Defense)
23. Older Than Dead
24. Convenience Store Regular
25. Let Me Go
26. Only Attempt
27. Preserving Shit
28. Spermy
29. Centralized Knowledge
30. Numb
31. So Long (Demo)
32. Only Attempt (Demo)
33. Centralized Knowledge (Demo)

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