Saturday, July 5, 2008

AxRxMx - Where's My Money At Ho? Demo

Apathetic Ronald McDonald...such a groovy name. Thanks to Roflmywaffles for all that great AxRxMx stuff! I'll spread it over a period of time, I guess. Some intense (gee, I use that word a lot) thrashy-powerviolence from the West Coast. They're some of the greats, in my opinion. Check out their split with Pompous Hardcore, too. Fucking insane. Give these guys a listen, even if just for their name.


1. Andres Touched Me
2. Are You Still Listening To This Piece Of Shit?
3. Boca Bebop
4. Cowboys Can Skate, Too
5. Dance Disaster
6. Equonax
7. Super Hero's Have Good Clean Fun
8. Ya Bitch Ass Chicken Head Noodle Face

1 comment:

  1. howabout the arts demo tape and
    the first aerosols ep on youth attack.