Friday, September 19, 2008

V/A - A Sign Of Impending Doom

One of the best powerviolence/thrash compilations of all time, featuring ACxDC, Hoy Pinoy, Super Ninja Robot Fighter, The Scrotums, and a shitload of other bands I've never heard before. Radical. The track listing is screwed up; Some of the songs are labeled badly. I put it in as it was listed on the CD booklet, so it's not my fault. Fuck you.

I'll probably have the cover art on here eventually (I've said that for a few things, true) but for now I don't have a scanner for that. If you liked the grungy grinding "Icing On The Gravy" Compilation posted a few months ago , then this one is the thrash counterpart to it. Not literally, but they go almost hand in hand, what with the lo-fi and hi-fi recording qualities.


1. Turtle Power (ACxDC)
2. Sexual Fantasies Of Biblical Figures (ACxDC)
3. Desert (Cranial Constipation)
4. Endless Cycle (Stress Builds Character)
5. Religious Bindings (Stress Builds Character)
6. Lip Service (Dohrn)
7. Rabia Contra El Sistema De Mentiras (Dohrn)
8. Dead Ambitions (Fallen World)
9. Five-O (Fallen World)
10. Life In The Fast Lane (Fallen World)
11. Whirlwind (The Golden Age)
12. Constant War (The Golden Age)
13. Worthless (Greedy Filth)
14. Bombs (Greedy Filth)
15. Self Created Crimes (Greedy Filth)
16. Tooth Chippin' Shit (Hoy Pinoy)
17. Mayonnaise The Bastard (Hoy Pinoy)
18. Coffee Not Crystal (Hoy Pinoy)
19. Emo Guillotine (Hoy Pinoy)
20. Anal Violence (Ignor Anus)
21. Casey Christo (Ignor Anus)
22. Myspace Whore (Ignor Anus)
23. Squiddles (Kamikazee)
24. Fuck You! (Kamikazee)
25. Honour Through Death (Kamikazee)
26. Tough Guys (Asshole Assassination Squad)
27. P.M.A. [Scholastic Death Cover] (Asshole Assassination Squad)
28. Fake (LXEXAXRXN!)
29. You Skate, We Feel Hate (LXEXAXRXN!)
30. Spring (LXEXAXRXN!)
31. Just A Phone Call (LXEXAXRXN!)
32. Super Awesome Vegan Terror Squad (Mutilated Pork Guts)
33. Who The Fuck Listens to You Anyway? (Mutilated Pork Guts)
34. Fulfill The Dream (Mutilated Pork Guts)
35. God Or No god, Let Me Take A Piss (No Noise)
36. Jon Wishes He Was In Dixie (No Noise)
37. The Case Of The People Vs. The Honkey And His Gas Powered Rape Machine (Protestant)
38. Weaksauce (The Scrotums)
39. Keepin' It Posi (The Scrotums)
40. Let's Make This Shit Fun (The Scrotums)
41. Haduken (Super Ninja Robot Fighter)
42. I Have A Black Belt In Mortal Kombat II (Super Ninja Robot Fighter)
43. 8 Devils Of Kimon (Super Ninja Robot Fighter)
44. Whorin' It Up 101 (Wampa)
45. No Expectations (Wampa)
46. Open Them Eyes (Wampa)
47. Reach Out (Yogyakatra)
48. Educate (Yogyakarta)
49. We Don't Think So (Yogyakarta)
50. Forget The Pit (Lake Effect)
51. Sk8 Str8 (Lake Effect)
52. Society Pressure (Lake Effect)
53. Burley Oath (Lake Effect)


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  3. Just a quick FYI, it seems a whole lot of this album is mis-tagged. I know at least Asshole Assassination is off, and the Fallen World isn't even Fallen World.

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