Monday, November 24, 2008

V/A Japanese Hardcore Compilation

Here's an awesome compilation I found a long time ago whilst searching the world wide web.I guess that this is just called "Japanese Hardcore Vol. 1," for lack of imagination. But be not fooled, ye lads, for a ton of great bands, like Flash Gordon, Romantic Gorilla, Vivisick, Dudman, Assfort, D.R.Y., etc. grace this compilation with their presence. Great shit, this is. Thanks to Pabst from Am I Mean? once again for the artwork and tracklist!


1. Totally Insane (Assfort)
2. No Skate No Thrash (Exclaim)
3. Shooting Punk Approach (Exclaim)
4. D.I.Y. (Exclaim)
5. Jerk Or Bullshit (Exclaim)
6. Soul Side (Exclaim)
7. Kill The Nuts (Exclaim)
8. Sold Out [Gang Green cover] (Exclaim)
9. Je Anis In (Stompede)
10. Anti-system (Power Of Idea)
11. Proud To Be Punx (Power Of Idea)
12. Slaves Of Western (Power Of Idea)
13. Shout (Power Of Idea)
14. Human Rights (Power Of Idea)
15. Isamination Kill The System (Power Of Idea)
16. For Resist (Power Of Idea)
17. Can't You Go Back (Less Haze)
18. Smash The Way (Less Haze)
19. United Thrash Night/Sk8 Song (Crucial Section)
20. Do as You Feel/Crucial Section (Crucial Section)
21. Born To Thrash (Flash Gordon)
22. Flash Til Death (Flash Gordon)
23. I Scream You Scream (Flash Gordon)
24. N.F. (Flash Gordon)
25. 7 And 7 Is (Flash Gordon)
26. Wacky Boy (Flash Gordon)
27. Legalize It (Lie)
28. Cops (Lie)
29. Fight (Lie)
30. Happytime (Lie)
31. Hardcore (Lie)
32. Nobody Needs True (Lie)
33. Enjoy Life (Lie)
34. Best Friends Are Punks (Lie)
35. Concussion/Poor Result/Pretense (Senseless Apocalypse)
36. Karma/Today Work/Against Drug Abuse (Senseless Apocalypse)
37. Negligence/_____ Of War/Crusty Dread (Senseless Apocalypse)
38. My Hope Your Hope (Crucial Section)
39. Faster (Freaks)
40. Nasty Bastard (D.R.Y.)
41. Triangle Hood (D.R.Y.)
42. Pig In Navel (D.R.Y.)
43. Force (D.R.Y.)
44. Good Explosion (D.R.Y.)
45. Happytime (Lie)
46. A.B.E.S. (Lie)
47. Congratulation (Romantic Gorilla)
48. Give More Beer (Romantic Gorilla)
49. Anxious (Romantic Gorilla)
50. Fun (Romantic Gorilla)
51. Against The Wall (Vivi-sick)
52. Fucked Up Close Baby (Vivi-sick)
53. 7 (Dead Speakers)
54. Pure Fucking Adrenaline (Dudman)
55. Health Maker Never Die (Dudman)
56. Midlife Crisis (Dudman)
57. Miss Bread (Dudman)
58. Japanese Part 2 (Dudman)
59. Drop The Dos (Dudman)
60. Our Rule (Total Fury)
61. Minor Of Heart (Total Fury)
62. Essential (Total Fury)
63. Not Tough Enough (Total Fury)
64. That's All I Need (Total Fury)


  1. Some crucial shit on that comp. No pun intended, now that I noticed one of the bands has crucial in the name. Nice post man.

  2. I've never heard of this comp. I haven't listened to it yet, but it seems like a compilation of previously released songs. Due to the lack of original songs (as in, I've seen many of these songs on a lot of other records) I am assuming it is nothing new. The biggest give aways -DRY, I don't think they released much, and I think those tracks are on their 625 7" and I have the Exclaim discography cd (everything they did up until their lp on Sound Pollution RIP) and I don't think this comp is listed as a release.

  3. this release is missing track 26

  4. piracy affects porn but it's still winner during the crunch


  5. hey is there any way you could re-up with the missing flash gordon track

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