Monday, February 22, 2010

Winning - This is an Ad for Cigarettes

Winning is a very odd band. This is their first release, and I'm not sure how to review this one at all...I guess they're an indie alternative band that was dropped, and now is broken. Think a broken music box that still plays but doesn't sound...right... They pull it off with ease, and honestly I'd recommend this to ayone who likes Calabi Yau or U.S. Maple. A much more laid back sound.


1. A List of Why Not
2. This is an Ad for Cigarettes
3. Legendary Savings
4. Top Fanmail
5. End Lick
6. Heavy in the Wrist
7. Potential Red Flag
8. Screw Yeah
9. Killed a Fox that Killed a Hen
10. Wet Presentation
11. Forget Gospel


  1. Yet another brilliant album posted by toxic molar, I really need to diversify my musical tastes!

  2. AWESOME album! thank you very much, sir!

  3. Andy Dixon and Ache do great things.

    All of his bands/projects are amazing.